Kevin M Anderson, PhD

Neuroscience | Genetics | Psychology

I am neuroscientist and Data Scientist at Neumora Therapeutics near Boston.

I joined industry after a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Dr. Randy Buckner at Harvard University. I did my graduate work at Yale University with Dr. Avram Holmes. My research investigates how human behavior is shaped by biology. Specifically, I integrate genetic, transcriptional, and neuroimaging data to create biologically grounded models of brain function and behavior. Ultimately this work aims to inform our understanding of heritable forms of psychiatric illness and normative brain aging.

Prior to New Haven, I worked as a research assistant with Dr. David Zald at Vanderbilt University and an IRTA post-baccalaureate fellow with Dr. Alex Martin at the National Institute of Mental Health. I studied psychology at the University of New Hampshire and am from Portsmouth, NH.